Customer Experience Marketing, Part 2 | 4 Pieces of Advice That Will Improve Your Customer Relationships

If you can already answer the question “What is Customer Experience marketing?” then you know that CEM makes all the difference in building useful and profitable relationships. In other words, you’re convinced that the marketing experts have it right. But, how do you start turning this strategy into happy, loyal customers?

Here are our 4 specific pieces […]

Driving Engagement: Why Visual Content Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority

Visual content marketing by the numbers
An image is worth a thousand words. We’ve heard this so many times before that maybe marketers have forgotten just how true it is. According to Kissmetrics, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and our brain processes visuals 60,000 time faster than text, with 50% of our brain working […]

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4 Factors in the Psychology of Sharing that Will Get Fans to Share Your Brand

How to use the psychology of sharing to boost your customer engagement
We all know that social sharing drives interest, engagement and conversion.  But how can you get your audience to share? In order to understand how to get your customers to share, you first have to understand why they share.

Here are four factors that will explain […]

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9 Best Free Photo Resources to Create Stunning Blogs & Social Media Profiles

By now you must know that visual content is more engaging, more attractive and more converting than text alone. In other words, it’s a necessary ingredient of a popular social media post, a traffic-building blog and a sales-driving social media promotion. Great, you think, but where can a brand with limited time find free […]

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