5 Ways Contest & Reward Marketing Will Help You Increase Your Customers and Spread Your Brand

How contests can power your content marketing
What do you want your content to do? Increase the number of customers, engage those customers, make them loyal to your brand and… the list goes on and on.  Without even hearing the rest of your list, I can tell you that I know what will help: it’s […]

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Facebook Lookalike Audiences: Your Secret Weapon for Reaching More of the Most Valuable Customers

What is a Lookalike Audience?
Facebook offers enough resources and tools that it can sometimes be hard to wrap your head around them. However, as a marketer, you definitely need to know what lookalike audiences are and how they work.

Facebook is a rich depository of demographic and behavioral data on how individuals interact with brands […]

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EGC: How Employee-Generated Content Will Boost Your Brand!

Create and Engage with Your Employees
User-generated content (UGC) refers to posts, photos and videos that are produced when you encourage your customers, followers and fans to share their brand experiences and get creative.  It’s a very effective strategy and you can learn about the benefits in our previous blog post. However, an equally impactful tactic that can […]

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User-Generated Content | The Four Rules That Will Help You Create Incredible Content

Content is King
While marketers know that building awareness and influence depends heavily on creating great content, not all of them are doing it. So, how can marketers close the gap between what they know they should do and what they are actually doing? User-generated content  is a secret weapon when it comes to quickly sourcing […]

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