If you can already answer the question “What is Customer Experience marketing?” then you know that CEM makes all the difference in building useful and profitable relationships. In other words, you’re convinced that the marketing experts have it right. But, how do you start turning this strategy into happy, loyal customers?

Here are our 4 specific pieces of advice that will help you focus on getting the results you want:

1. Although Customer Experience Marketing works across multiples channels, it’s essential to remember that your goal is to provide a cohesive experience.

Customers expect every element of your media mix to speak to them in the same voice. A lack of coherence will leave them feeling disoriented.  How would you feel if your friend suddenly spoke to you in a language you didn’t recognize? There’s a lot you can do to meet customer expectations:

a) Integrate and coordinate all your marketing channels in order to be synchronize;
b) Engage and satisfy the customer must be the ultimate goals of every elements;
c) Rethink all the points of contact as opportunities to provide and high-value marketing and branding strategy.


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A mutichannel strategy needs consistency and coherence


2. Be constantly active and provide the same quality experience during all the lifetime relationship 

Customer experience is about the sum of all experiences your customer has with you throughout the consumer’s lifecycle. It means that every single interaction with a customer has an impact on his behavior, opinion and attitude toward your brand.



Every single interaction between you and your customers has an impact on the relationship


3. Information is power, and only your customers can give it to you

If a customer trust a brand he will be willing to provide more personal information. Customer’s personal preferences are a big source of information in order to create a detailed database. This will let you personalize your offers, communications and experiences so that the customer will feel the affinity with your brand.



4. Move beyond just “managing” the customer experience and go toward “improving” the customer experience

The goal of customer experience marketing must be to improve the customer experience through engagement. This must be clear in order to have an effective marketing strategy.

Costumers expect more. If you are able to overcome these expectations and you trust  hem you will be reward with their loyalty and their love.


That’s what customer experience marketing was made for.