We’re beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our groupad platform this week, with a program we’ve built for Sears and Kenmore on their fanpage. We’re making it easier than ever to socialize your designs, favorite catalogs, registries, wish lists and philanthropic partnerships – connecting all of the social activity back to a rewards platform and a point of purchase.

When we first dreamed up the idea behind our catalog application, we looked at the ever-growing Pinterest landscape and immediately, we saw an opportunity. There was a need, from this geeky, social brand marketer’s perspective, to have complete control over a brand’s images and use, and the opportunity to allow for a click thru and conversion on a purchase. What good does a Pinterest board do a brand like Pottery Barn, if I can’t click through on every item placed into a dream nursery board and buy the item that speaks to me most? We’ve been working with well known megabrands for more than three years, looking at what motivates consumers to convert on a social activity (like creating a catalog, voting for a favorite cause, taking a quiz, watching a video or taking a social pledge, for instance) and the results might surprise some. The largest trigger for completing a social activity is the ability to unlock a donation to charity, followed by personal gain, such as a sweepstakes entry or special offer. This restores my faith in humankind, and allows us to make connections to charities for companies, e-commerce retailers and consumers, so that every activity can ultimately benefit the greater good. We’re able to plug in contests and sweeps into our ios, facebook and andoid app platform, handling all licensing, legal and fulfillment.

Most of our time was spent deciphering how we can reward the “super users” of our app suite. The consumers who recruit the most friends into the activities they share via twitter and facebook. We’re able to reward users with points that can be used for contest entries and special offers from various brands, just as a way of saying thanks. The super users are, after all, the key to any brand’s success. We need the ambassadors to champion the message and shout it from the rooftops. I’m thrilled that we can now bring our social suite to market, so that any company or consumer can benefit from these experiences, and cash in on some good karma or sought-after product in the process.