A series of user-generated videos or photos spread action and excitement for a cause.

  • Connect to your customers through a worthy cause.
  • Increase possibilities for viral sharing.
  • Collect and leverage user-generated content.
  • Drive social sharing by igniting friendly competition.

It works well on:

Challenge App Features.

100% mobile friendly

Launch one app and share it with your customers across multiple devices.

Built-in sharing

Customizable sharing messages for Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest are part of every campaign.

Entry limits

You control how often users can join your activity and what social actions unlock new opportunities for participation.

No coding

Our drag-and-drop and fill-in-the-blank interface takes the hassle out of depending on a programmer to create and launch activities.

Live Challenge Campaigns.

Take a look at our client's current Challenge campaigns.

Bau Boys Challenge

Take advantage of the power of social sharing.

Use GroupAd’s social rewards layer to grow awareness, interest and engagement in your brand.