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What is GroupAd?
Do I need a Facebook account to launch a GroupAd program?
Do I need to have a Fan Page on Facebook to use GroupAd?
Can I launch more than one GroupAd app at a time?
Do I need more than one tab on my fan page to launch multiple GroupAd activities?
Is there an additional cost for GroupAd analytics?
When I logout from GroupAd, why am I also disconnected from Facebook?
How can I increase engagement with my apps?
What is the recommended size for Video app images?
Can I use my own templates?
Can I upload my own images to the catalogue?
Why don’t I see the image I want to use from my website?
How long can the campaign run?
How many campaigns can I run at one time?
Will Social Reality manage the campaign?
What happens when my campaign ends?
What's the best subscription level for a small to mid-size agency?
Are Groupad campaigns mobile-friendly?
Can I run the campaign on my website and on my Facebook page at the same time?
What's an i-frame? How much more does it cost to run the campaign on my website simultaneously?
How many campaigns can I add to the GroupAd tab on my Fan Page?
Can I publish one campaign to two different fan pages?
Can I hide some of my published GroupAd campaigns from my tab?
Can I modify my campaigns after they are live?
How can I add videos to my campaigns?
How do contests work?
What can I do to drive contest participation?
Who's responsible for prize distribution?
Do I need to include terms and conditions if I launch a contest?
Do you have a set of Terms and Conditions we can use?
How do contest levels work?
How does the unlimited contest work?
How does the limited contest work?
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